Collaboration Partners

Optimum Patient Care (OPC) Global

  • Co-sponsorship, Project Management and Delivery
  • Co-funding the initial setup of ISAR (50%)
  • Data standardisation, eCRF, processing, hosting and guardianship

OPC Global: A research organisation with 10 years of experience. OPC Global Has successfully collaborated with renowned research institutes globally contributing towards the delivery of over 48 research projects and publications. It is an contributor of OPCRD academic research and collaborations.

David Price – Chief Scientist & Global Engagement



Victoria Carter – Sponsor Engagement Lead

Chris Price – Legal & Contracting Lead

Ruth Murray – Publication Lead

Nevaashni Eleangovan – Operations Lead

Anthony Newell – Research Analytics Manager

Brooklyn Stanley – Data Lead


Nasloon Ali – Researcher



Sarah Burkill – Researcher



Ghislaine Scelo – Researcher


Joash Tan – Academic Assistant

Amy Pickering – Country Coordinator

Julie-Anne Cook – Project Administrator



Juntao Lyu – Data Analyst

Indu Joshi – Junior Data Analyst



Matthew Lee – Database Administrator

Choy Lye Chei – Japan Coordinator


Laura Williams – Director’s Personal Assistant



Helen Kaminska – Legal Counsel

Sophie Harriman – Legal Counsel





  • Co-sponsorship
  • Co-funding the initial set up of ISAR

AstraZeneca: A global biopharmaceutical business delivering medicines to patients through innovative science and excellence in development and commercialisation.

Trung N. Tran – Senior Director of Epidemiology
Peter Barker – Statistical Science Director
Rohit Katial – Global Medical Head, Fasenra
Neil Martin – Head of Tezepelumab

Observational and Pragmatic Research Institute (OPRI)

OPRI: Real world database research organization working to improve the understanding of risk-factors for poorly-controlled disease, the effectiveness of drugs, devices and patient management strategies in real life. OPRI ultimately aims to inform healthcare professionals on how to integrate and optimize these factors to drive better disease management.

Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG)

  • Academic partner
  • Forum for discussion (REG Summit, Severe Asthma & Biomarkers Working Group)
  • Anonymized Data & Ethics Protocol Transparency (ADEPT) committee

REG: A not-for-profit investigator-led academic initiative comprising of over 420 respiratory/allergy experts globally collaborating on independent, academic real-life and comparative effectiveness research in respiratory medicine. 

Michael Walker – Chief Operating Officer

Sinthia Bosnic-Anticevich – President

Dermot Ryan – Director

Independent Governing Bodies

ISAR Steering Committee
  • Severe asthma renowned researchers from 30 countries and 4 AZ members
Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG)
  • Academic partner
  • International severe asthma experts
ADEPT Committee
  • Research ethical oversight (operational for the past five years)
  • Senior researchers with clinical, epidemiological and/or database expertise
Operational Committee
  • Participating country representatives (country lead, data manager, etc.)