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Target of 13,150 by May 2022
Surpassed Target of 10,000 by May 2022

We are delighted to have recently welcomed our host-country, Singapore and the innovative teams from Poland and Sweden to the ISAR family! 

The expertise we have gained from our newest collaborators, from both primary and specialist care will help us to improve outcomes for patients with severe and potentially severe asthma now and well into the future.

May our newest collaborations be far-reaching and successful for all those involved!

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The International Severe Asthma Registry is a global collaborative initiative to gather anonymous, longitudinal, real-life data for patients with severe asthma from 25 countries. ISAR offers a rich source of real-life data for scientific research to understand and improve symptoms, treatments, and patient outcomes for severe asthma. The database will also provide an international platform for research collaboration in respiratory medicine and patient care.