ISAR Meeting, Asian Pacific Respiratory Society 2019 Congress

The ISAR team recently attended the 24th Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Date: 14th to 17th November 2019

Over 80 experts from around the world spoke at this event to share their updated knowledge and approaches in respiratory medicine.

Prof. David Price leading the ISAR-Asia Pacific Research meeting over afternoon tea during the 2019 APSR conference in Hanoi, Vietnam

Prof. David Price providing an oral presentation on the ISAR protocol; highlighting the process of building the first global severe asthma registry as well as providing a first look at ISAR’s key research findings.

The South-Korean lead for ISAR, Dr Chin Kook Rhee, presenting the interesting differences seen in the demographics and clinical characteristics of severe asthma patients in Japan and South Korea compared to the global ISAR population.