ISAR Global Research Meeting, ERS Congress 2017

At European Respiratory Society 27th Annual Congress 2017, the ISAR Steering Committee (ISC) discussed analyses as well as operational actions needed to conduct the first ISAR global research project. The ISC members also touched base on the procurement for four academic datasets to study additional research questions.

The ISAR steering committee meeting was scheduled during the ERS International Congress 2017 to discuss the research projects of highest priority. More than 30 ISAR Steering Committee (ISC) members and collaborative severe asthma stakeholders from around the world were present at the steering committee meeting on the 9th of September 2017 to discuss academic datasets to be created and the first global ISAR manuscript which proposes to explore the demographic and clinical characteristics, co-morbidities as well as the medical management plans of severe asthma patients worldwide.