Additional ISC Approved Research Projects (CLEAR)

Additional ISC Approved Research Projects

Biologic Patterns, Clinical Outcomes and Health Resource Utilization (CLEAR)

  • To describe the demographic and clinical characteristics, including the extent of T2 phenotype, in five groups of patients with severe asthma, including those who do not initiate a biologic when eligible, and do not initiate and are not eligible, and between those who initiate: those who stop, switch, or continue the initial biologic.
  • To assess the clinical outcomes (e.g. reduction of exacerbations, long-term OCS use, total OCS dose, asthma control) by biologic utilization patterns.
  • To assess healthcare resource utilization (hospitalization, emergency room visits, invasive ventilation) by biologic usage patterns (not initiating, stopping, switching or continuing).
  • Dr Benjamin Emmanuel
  • Dr Stephanie Chen 

ENCePP Approval 
ADEPT Approval