Abstracts & Posters

Abstracts & Posters

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) Conference 2020

A Global Survey of Blood Eosinophil Distribution in Severe Asthma Patients: Data from the International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR)
David Jackson, et al. 

To describe the blood eosinophilic distribution in patients with severe asthma according to treatment, presence of nasal polyps, and age of onset.

Characterization of Eosinophilic and Non-Eosinophilic Severe Asthma Phenotypes and Proportion of Patients with These Phenotypes in the International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR)
Luis Perez-de-Llano, et al. 

To describe an algorithm to better characterize these phenotypes, and to assess the proportion of patients with eosinophilic and non-eosinophilic phenotypes in a large international cohort of patients with severe asthma.

Biomarker Relatability in the International Severe Asthma Registry
Eve Denton, et al. 

To describe the point prevalence, overlap, and relatability of three commonly used asthma biomarkers (immunoglobulin E (IgE), blood eosinophils, and fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO)).

Global Access for Biologics in the Treatment of Severe Asthma: A Challenge to Personalized Medicine
Andrew Menzies-Gow, et al. 

To chart biologic accessibility around the world and to highlight country-specific
differences in prescription criteria.

Biologic Utilization Patterns: Data from the International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR)
Andrew Menzies-Gow, et al. 

To describe the frequency of biologic treatment and patterns of biologic use in a global real life severe asthma cohort.

The Impact of Exacerbation Burden on Lung Function Trajectory in a Broad UK Asthma Population: A Large Longitudinal Cohort Study
Seyi Soremekun, et al. 

To assess the association between exacerbation burden and long-term lung function decline in a broad asthma patient population using longitudinal data.

The World Allergy Congress (WAC) 2019

Biomarker relatability in the International Severe Asthma Network
Eve Denton, et al. 

This project describes biomarker overlap in a large, international severe asthma cohort as it relates to disease and patient characteristics.

The Asian Pacific Society of Respirology (APSR) Congress 2019

Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Severe asthma in Japan and South Korea
Takashi Iwanaga, et al. 

Here, the initial demographic and clinical data collected from Japan and South Korea between May 2018 and May 2019 are summarized.

International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR): protocol for a global registry
David Price, et al. 

Describing the need of having a global severe asthma registry.

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress 2019

Epidemiology of lung function in a global severe asthma population
Michael E. Wechsler, et al. 

Describing post-bronchodilator (post-BD) lung function of adult severe asthma patients for an initial set of 5 countries (Ireland (IE), Italy (IT), South Korea (SK), the UK and the USA) using a standardized severe asthma definition.

Protocol to identify potential severe asthma in UK primary care
Heath Heatley, et al.

  • To assess the prevalence of potential severe asthma in primary care.
  • To describe and compare patient demographic, clinical outcomes and treatments for patients within four different cohorts:
      1. Potential severe asthma referred (Optimum Patient Care Research Database [OPCRD])
      2. Potential severe asthma not referred (i.e. hidden) (OPCRD)
      3. High maintenance therapy asthma (OPCRD) and
      4. Confirmed severe asthma (i.e. p atients who are registered in the UK Severe Asthma Network and National Registry on Difficult Asthma and included in International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR).

The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Congress 2019

International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR): mission statement
G. Walter Canonica and David Price, on behalf of the ISAR Study Group. 2019; 82.

Describing the potential of ISAR to improve our understanding of severe asthma.

Comparison of data fields captured by regional severe asthma registries participating in the International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR)
Neva Eleangovan, et al. 2019; 1514.

Comparing data fields captured by national registries pre- and post-participation in ISAR. ISAR and local registries complement each other, the former providing a global view of severe asthma and the latter collecting ISAR core-, additional- and registry-specific-variables most relevant to local clinical management.

The American Thoracic Society (ATS) International Conference 2019

International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR): the story so far
David Price et al.; on behalf of the ISAR Study Group. 2019; 13145.

A description of ISAR’s continued expansion and what it adds to the severe asthma field.

Cross-country comparison of demographic and clinical characteristics of patients managed in severe asthma services across UK, USA, Australia, South Korea and Italy
David Price, et al.; on behalf of the ISAR Study Group. 2019; 12959.

First characterization of the global adult severe asthma population (and cross country comparisons) in terms of key demographic and clinical variables.

The Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG) Summit 2019

Overlap of biomarkers and T2 comorbidities in an international severe asthma population
Lakmini Bulathsinhala, et al. 2019; 09.

A description of key patient characteristics and biomarker clusters in a sample of the ISAR database, a first taste of how ISAR could be used to identify specific phenotypes of severe asthma.

The World Congress of Asthma (WCA) 2018

International Severe Asthma Registry: a real-life data capture model
Lakmini Bulathsinhala, et al. 2018; P19.

A description of how ISAR was created, how data are collected and the countries involved.

The Respiratory Effectiveness Group (REG) Summit 2018

Development of the ISAR: a modified Delphi study
Lakmini Bulathsinhala, et al. 2018

Describing the process of reaching consensus on which relevant and feasible core variables to collect in the International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR).

Development of a Global Inventory of Severe Asthma Registries
Neva Eleangovan, et al. 2018

As the current severe asthma registry landscape is a collection of several national and regional registries with no comparisons of information collected made between them, we compared the data fields currently captured by severe asthma registries across the globe.

Demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with severe asthma worldwide
Trung N Tran, et al. 2018

We examined the global prevalence of severe asthma and its corresponding patient demographics and clinical characteristics.