September 2020

Keep up with what’s happening in 2020 for ISAR! Read about our continued growth in patient recruitment numbers, ISAR research and publications updates, e-Posters presented at the ATS Virtual 2020 Congress, and the sustainability of ISAR in this challenging global crisis with our Covid-19 contingency plans. We also shared an invite to all our ISAR collaborators for our virtual bi-annual ISAR Collaborator Meeting happening on the 15th of September 2020. See you there!

ISAR @ REG September 2020

Catch up with the latest ISAR news and happenings in the September issue of the REG newsletter!

ISAR @ REG Winter 2019

Get updated with the latest ISAR news in the REG Winter 2019 newsletter! Read about updates in patient recruitment, ISAR publications and research updates, and abstracts submitted to REG, ATS, EAACI, ERS, APSR and WAC in 2019 (including ATS 2020!).

ISAR @ REG Summer 2019 

Stay up-to-date with the latest ISAR news in the REG Summer 2019 newsletter! Read about how ISAR has expanded in 2019, our new partnerships with collaborating registries and our publication updates.There’s a great summary on ISAR highlights at the REG 2019 Summit (with photos!) and a snapshot of ISAR’s ongoing research projects for you to get involved with.

May 2019

Find out what’s happening in the registry! Read about new country updates, abstracts submitted to ATS 2019, EAACI 2019 and ERS 2019, new members to the ISAR team, and much more as ISAR moves forward.

ISAR @ REG Winter 2018

Read about our second year of successful operation, with key updates on patient recruitment, data, research, and publications. Get involved with our call for 2019 research proposals at!

ISAR @ REG Summer 2018

Get to know more about the inception of this exciting initiative, and our highlights in 2018.

September 2018

Take a look at first results from the registry and learn more about our planned publications, academic projects, and other news. Please feel free to share this newsletter with your colleagues!