Abstracts & Posters

Abstracts & Posters

International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR): mission statement
Canonica W and Price D, on behalf of the ISAR Study Group. 2019; 82.

Describing the potential of ISAR to improve our understanding of severe asthma.

Comparison of data fields captured by regional severe asthma registries participating in the International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR)
Eleangovan N, et al. 2019; 1514.

Comparing data fields captured by national registries pre- and post-participation in ISAR. ISAR and local registries complement each other, the former providing a global view of severe asthma and the latter collecting ISAR core-, additional- and registry-specific-variables most relevant to local clinical management.

International Severe Asthma Registry (ISAR): the story so far
Price D, et al.; on behalf of the ISAR Study Group. 2019; 13145.

A description of ISAR’s continued expansion and what it adds to the severe asthma field.

Cross-country comparison of demographic and clinical characteristics of patients managed in severe asthma services across UK, USA, Australia, South Korea and Italy
Price D, et al.; on behalf of the ISAR Study Group. 2019; 12959.

First characterization of the global adult severe asthma population (and cross country comparisons) in terms of key demographic and clinical variables.

Overlap of biomarkers and T2 comorbidities in an international severe asthma population
Bulathsinhala L, et al. 2019; 09.

A description of key patient characteristics and biomarker clusters in a sample of the ISAR database, a first taste of how ISAR could be used to identify specific phenotypes of severe asthma.

International Severe Asthma Registry: a real-life data capture model
Bulathsinhala L, et al. 2018; P19.

A description of how ISAR was created, how data are collected and the countries involved.